Poet, multi instrumentalist, and producer. Masune entered music through the drums.

An accomplished Drumset player and Percussionist, Masune (Xander Crook) has backed up many world class musicians including Ulisses Rocha, Jorge Continentino, Jovino Santos Neto, Amo Soumah,  Abou Sylla and Pato Baton. He has also played many shows in the US and Brazil, performing at festivals CMJ (with Level), SXSW, and opening up for artists such as M1, Krs-1, and Nappy Roots (with MSNRA). 

Coming from an artistic family, Masune grew up listening and learning with musicians from Ghana, Guinea and Brazil staying at his house. His artistic voice is a distillation of the music and experiences that these musicians brought into his house and the music of his peers surrounding him outside. In his native town of Gainesville, Fl. Masune has been an active and driving force behind a potent artistic scene that's been bubbling just beneath the surface for years. A founding member of the collective MSNRA, he and his peers have grown and cultivated a unique voice within a vibrant and powerful culture. With a debut album, guest features and production credits on a number of releases coming out this year, he and his crew are poised to bring their ideas of beauty to the rest of the world.